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Young Lions: The Attempt

Young Lions: Laugh At Your Expense

Young Lions: Earth Is Hiring

Tečka: National COVID campaign

ČSOB: Leon The Concept


Rexona: The City Is My Gym

Accenture: Goodnight Business Tales

ŠKODA: Hockey

KVIFF: Space For Film

ADC Express: Accidentally sustainable

Young Lions

  • 2024* Czech republic | Gold
  • 2023* Cannes Lions | Shortlist
  • 2023* Czech republic | Gold
  • 2022* Cannes Lions | Bronze
  • 2022* Czech republic | Gold


  • 2023* ADC Creative Express | Silver
  • 2019* ADC Most Promising Young Creative Award | Judita Ružičková


  • 2024* Czech Advertising Talent of the Year | Finalist David Červený
  • 2023* Czech Advertising Talent of the Year | Winner David Červený


  • 2023* Special | Best use of data
  • 2023* Bronze | CSOB Loans
  • 2023* Bronze | CSOB Savings
  • 2022* Silver | SKODA Hockey
  • 2022* Bronze | BigShock! Launch
  • 2022* Bronze | CSOB Kate
  • 2022* Bronze | CSOB Pocketchange
  • 2021* Gold | National COVID Campaign
  • 2021* Bronze | CSOB Concept Launch
  • 2019* Bronze | Kofila FMCG

YouTube Works

  • 2020* Grand Prix | Rexona
  • 2020* Biggest Cultural Impact | Rexona
  • 2020* Most Popular Ad of Czech YouTube | AXE
  • 2020* Best Media Strategy | AXE

David is a rare advertising unicorn in our market, a true enthusiast. I don't think I have seen a bigger advertising enthusiast in my whole life. David is very knowledgeable and resourceful, pulling frameworks, references and case studies from his pockets. His successes in Young Lions prove that he is a great creative strategist, but what I value the most is his contribution to the advertising community - working with the Marketing festival, connecting people, sharing knowledge, pushing other to do better work. This is what sets him apart from the rest.

Jiri Jon / Head of Strategy / Ogilvy Prague

The old saying in our industry goes “It always takes skill to see a talent standing right in front of you”. Well, in that case, it's my pleasure to tell you that it doesn't require any special skill to notice that Judita is something out of the ordinary. Since the moment she came to our agency I saw something brilliant in her. In everything she does she uses a kind of magical mixture of logic, wit and gut feeling and with this special skill of hers she brings extraordinary insights and ideas to life. It is hard even for me to understand and explain how it works. Some people are just born with it. You should really see it for yourself. She grew with every new project coming to the agency so I can proudly say that it is not just copywriting that makes her great. It’s conceptual thinking, polishing the idea from start to finish and genius ability to ask the right questions. I wish her way more than luck.

Roman Biath / Strategy Director / Zaraguza

David is a young looking man with a knowledge of an old senior when it comes to marketing strategy and planning. He is an enthusiast for anything that involves charts, theories, name it. A true walking library that you wish to have yourself. And he is not afraid to use this knowledge, just like a weapon, in order to create the most rational yet the most relevant strategic solutions and plans that best fit the project.

Always up to date, knowing what is going on in his field, knowing the latest trends in strategic thinking, as well as in the market. I bet, as a teenager, instead of music bands, he had posters of Ritson, Les Binet or Byron Sharp hanging on his walls. With David, in a compact package you get a huge strategic mind.

Veronika Romsauerová / Strategy Director / Istropolitana Ogilvy

Judita is a young soul who enjoys advertising immensely. Working with her on assignments has always been fun, even if the assignment itself wasn't. She is extremely responsible, goal-oriented and not afraid to present a difficult presentation even in front of a large client. She always comes up with interesting insights as well as creative solutions. This is proven by her achievements at the Young Lions both at home and directly in Cannes.

Judita and I have been colleagues for less than 2 years, but ever since I left the agency where we worked together I have been trying to get her to work with me again.

Martin Krafčík / former Creative Director / Zaraguza & MUW Saatchi & Saatchi

David is a rare modern digital strategist. Capable of digital recommendations across the full customer journey, yet coupled with a passion for evidence based marketing principles and a thirst to understand how brands grow in the real world. Over the past 18 months I have mentored David to help him become a fully rounded strategists and marketer encouraging him to continue to learn and apply the key principles of Byron Sharp, Les Binet and Mark Ritson in every day work and make decision, recommendations based on facts, data and real world evidence.

I would highly recommend him to any agency or organisation that is serious about developing talent that understands the realities of marketing and how to effectively find brand and sales growth.

Mark Cichon / Business & Marketing strategist / former DDB, TBWA & Mars corp.

Judita just gets it. To be able to clearly articulate your opinion, is what makes the difference between “just good” and “seasoned” creative. I first met her in international juries of creative competitions and I was deeply impressed by her ability to accurately name the weaknesses and strengths of the evaluated works. She has the gift of giving insights that move things forward and unusually impressive observational talent. With Judit, casual discussions about ideas almost always result in the creation itself. What more can you wish for in your creative team?

Peter Rajčák / Creative Director / Ateliér Pútnici

I always pay special attention to people I work with who ask “why?". They are either lazy and their "why" refers to the fact that they don't want to do something, or they are smart and their "why" means they think twice before doing something and they challenge tasks because they want to do the best job. David is in the second category.

He is a pure talent in searching for the best solution that - and be sure about that - he can defend with data, research and arguments. He is that rare type of person that is egoless, but still willing to fight for his opinion, that is often right and insightful. He is hardworking, witty and helpful and he is frankly the prototype of an employee you want to have in your company.

Roman Biath / Strategy Director / Zaraguza

Judit is a talent I enjoy following, in my opinion one of the most outstanding young talents in Czech and Slovak advertising. She first impressed me in a student advertising competition Žiarovka years ago, where she easily dominated. I had a suspicion back then that this would be her modus operandi. To compete and to succeed. She has kept on winning since – from reviews in agency, through client pitches, to worldwide creative awards.

One of the most telling points is that she is the creative behind the official vaccination campaign Tečka, which became massive. Not just impressing me, but delivering on important numbers and results during the pandemic. At her young age, she is not afraid of serious topics and bold solutions. It’s not the awards I admire her for the most, but her courage in standing up for all the ideas she believes in.

Katarína Noskajová / Creative Director / EFFE Powered by Publicis

If David was in the States right now I'd hire him in a heartbeat. There's thought, dedication and craft in evidence throughout his work.

The [redacted because of NDA] brief is the best brief I've seen in forever. It explains the gap between the data and the experience most people have. And it's great kick off to talk about resentment, frustration and the need for a “clean that's seen”.

Steve Walls / Planning director / Moon Rabbit (former BBH, AMV BBDO, JWT, Ogilvy, TBWA and Saatchi & Saatchi)

Judita is a promising creative person with great talent. I first learned about her from her work. However, in addition to her obvious talent, I would also like to highlight her general passion and interest in the advertising world. I don't come across that so often. I am amazed at her detailed understanding. She is very well-rounded, has a clear and very insightful opinion, which she is able to present in an engaging manner. I'm really excited to work with her.

Denisa Pajkošová / Art Director / CEO Ateliér Pútnici

David is pretty good.


Judit is pretty good.


Judit is a copywriter, David is a planner.

We like to blur the lines between strategy & creativity.

For five years now, we’ve been colleagues at an independent creative agency Zaraguza Prague. Started together at the bottom [as unpaid interns], now we’re here [paid]!

We’re still young enough to have a couple of Young Lions years ahead of us, and experienced enough to have won a couple of national golds and a bronze at the Cannes global finale. While winning awards for 24h creative exercises is our passion, we’ve got some successful real work behind us too.

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Judit’s role in the agency

Judit is a creative lead of a small unit mostly responsible for the CSOB (Czechoslovak Business Bank), new business and other smaller brands and projects. She is a copywriter & ideamaker & a go-to pitch presenter.

How she works

Judit is the type of creative who loves brainstorming and executing ideas, but at the same time isn’t afraid to get involved in the strategy side of the process as well. She aims to challenge herself and others on her team to always look for a clever angle. Judit is a team player who thrives on the creative energy and excitement among her fellow creatives. And as a person who really likes to get excited about smart ideas and about exploring their potential, she often happens to be the one who tries to spark the same excitement in others – whether it’s during brainstorming or a client presentation.

What she likes about it

Judit studied to become a chemical engineer before she found out copywriting was a thing. She now spends every day eternally grateful for this discovery. Getting paid to think, solve satisfying little problems, crack jokes AND to share The-Things-you-Thought-about-in-the-Shower with others for a living is a blessing in her books. Plus, she just really hates chemistry.

What she’s most proud of

In the peak of COVID pandemic in January 2021, while quarantining at home with a positive test and a fever, Judit got an idea which she and her friends submitted to an emergency vaccination hackathon the next day – and it turned into a national vaccination campaign with a massive spread and impact. “Tečka za koronavirem” presented the tiny vaccination marks as hopeful “Full stops after the pandemic” (you have to trust her, it’s clever in Czech). Every single Czech became more than familiar with Tečka and it was as controversial as you can imagine, since… well, it was the national vaccination campaign. But it delivered great vaccination results (and a Gold EFFIE) and to this day makes Judit proud she once had that fever-induced idea.

Her work beyond the agency

Judit is passionate about the importance of creativity in communication. She recently ran and got elected as a board member of Art Director’s Club Czech republic, and along with her seven co-members she’s trying to make the Czech market understand that creativity is worth it. It’s not an easy mission, but through many different projects on the table, we’ll hopefully get there one day. She also writes most of her friends' Instagram captions as an act of service.

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David’s role in the agency

David is responsible for strategic planning at Zaraguza, managing another planner and overseeing all strategic initiatives for both existing clients and new business. His main duties include crafting creative briefs, enhancing our creative output, and pitching our solutions. He also mentors his colleague to develop their strategic skills. Additionally, David manages the agency internship program, which recently led to the hiring of full-time employees from a pool of interns.

How he works

David tries to blend the world of creativity and strategy into one where all creative solutions are strategically sound and where all strategic proposals are inherently creative. He uses this approach to help build brands, reposition them or create entirely new ones from scratch. He likes to make well informed decisions, so he is used to doing all kinds of research. Ultimately everything David does is done to either provide the creative department with sources of inspiration or to inspire confidence in clients with evidence provided.

What he likes about it

Be interested and be interesting. If that's a planner's job description based on Jon Steel, what's not to like? David has always liked exploring rabbit holes and putting his strategic mind to use, starting with Heroes of Might and Magic and continuing with brands.

What he’s most proud of

David helped CSOB (Czechoslovak Business Bank) to become the bank with the highest share of search for the first time in the brand's history. Together with Judita and the rest of the team they created and introduced chameleon Leon as a brand character, who has been going strong for almost 4 years now. The communication has collected six EFFIEs so far.

There is no Super Bowl in the Czech republic, but the Ice Hockey World Championship is the next best thing brands can get to the coveted TV slot. David and the rest of the SKODA team created the first ever communication concept that spanned multiple championships and became the most popular ice hockey communication in the brand's 30 years of sponsorship.

His work beyond the agency

When it comes to marketing and advertising, David loves learning as well as spreading the knowledge. He has been a part of the organizational team of his two passion projects. Digisemestr is a 12 week learning programme that has helped over hundred young marketers to find their footing. The Marketing Festival is the biggest marketing event here in the Czech republic. You can always count on him to have questions for the speaker ready to go.

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